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Wood pellet / wood pellet ash

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  • Wood pellet / wood pellet ash

    We have 6mm wood pellets from our pellet burner (biomass). The ash also comes out iin pellet form so in theory should promote good airflow. Also, could the unburnt form of this be used as an alternative for bulking agent?

    Finally, we have the occasional fully compostable Naty nappy we would like to compost -- any hints / tips here?


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    Hi there,

    We would not advise adding much ash into the HOTBIN as it actually tends to restrict airflow within the unit due to its particulate nature as the ash pellets break down. If you do wish to add it however, we would recommend adding it into the unit gradually and incorporating it well with other types of waste as well as some bulking agent to help aerate the contents of the unit. With regards to your query on the wood pellets, can we ask whether you are using a particular brand of pellets and whether they provide any information as to exactly what the pellets are comprised of?

    For more information and hints and tips on composting nappies, please have a look at the link with this post which will take you to the HOTBIN Composting website.

    We hope that this helps.

    It is possible to compost some special types of nappies. It is normally a question of personal preference than anything else. Find out more.