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Beech hedge shreddings

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  • Beech hedge shreddings

    I have had my hotbin 4 weeks now. It is usually in the green sector ( on the top thermometer) We are about to cut the beech hedge some hundred feet minimum 8 feet high. We shred the cuttings and usually take them to the recycle centre. This year I thought we would fill the '2 Daleks' and save for the hotbin over the winter when there is not the garden grass etc. We would usually add garotta. Is this okay or not ?

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    I don't know the answer to this myself but just thought I'd send you a reply as no one else seems to have done so yet! It seems to be a bit quiet on here at the moment, but I do hope someone else on here will be able to give you an answer. Or perhaps you have already sorted your problem. Good luck anyway.


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      I have found that Beech leaves compost quickly to make fine leaf mould. Fresh shredded beech twigs and leaves compost well and I would expect them to do even better in a hot composting environment. The twiggy bits and any of Autumn's dry leaves will act as the dry matter portion of the process and provide pockets of air necessary for the good bacteria.


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        Thanks to everybody for this useful information!
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          I have two bags of chipped beech hedge and I use it as a bulking agent. Works well.