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    Can I put bbq ash into my hot bin?

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    It depends a bit on what fuel you are burning on your barbecue. Ordinary wood ash from untreated and unpainted wood is fine to compost although I would make sure that it is well distributed in the bin. Charcoal should be ok, but check that it has not been treated. Barbecue briquettes have often been treated with chemicals, presumably to make lighting them easier, and ash from these should not be composted. Be aware also that ashes can be very alkaline and large amounts should be avoided unless you have very acid soil. Never put any sort of ashes near acid loving plants such as blueberries or rhodedendrons.

    There is a fairly comprehensive list of what sorts of ashes can and can't be composted here:

    (Mods - I hope posting this link to answer this question is ok. I have read your forum guidelines but I'm not sure, so I'm sorry if I've got it wrong. I think the information in the link is helpful and I don't want to breach their copyright by posting all of the information on here.)