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    Hi there,

    I have been thinking of buying a hotbin composter for a while now primarily because I got two rabbits who produce a whole lot of poop that seems to be going to waste! They are both litter trained and poop and urinate directly into a litterbox with wood pellets to absorb the urine. When it comes time to empty, the litterbox is filled with poop, hay, wet/broken up wood pellets. How well would a hotbin deal with this?

    Also I live in a household of 5 vegetatian people, happy to suppliment the hotbin with our food waste no problem however we don't really have a lot of shredded paper lying around, would newspaper be an okay alternative?

    Many thanks

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    As I understand it, rabbit poop is great for composting. The Hotbin does require a balance of material, however, and while you can use shredded newspaper, you would probably need some shredded cardboard also. I find too much shredded newspaper causes clumping. Its all about finding the right balance of material and not letting everything get too wet or dry.


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      I've come one here to ask a similar question. My rabbits aren't as tidy as yours though and wee/poop in several corners so we produce alot of waste straw.
      How did you get on with using a Hotbin for your rabbit waste, and do you think it would cope with primarily straw? We probably produce less than a carrier bag of food waste each week to add to it so it would be primarily straw.