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Coffee grounds and sawdust combination

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  • Coffee grounds and sawdust combination

    As grass cuttings are a bit low on the ground at the moment I am using spent coffee grounds as the predominant green in my Hotbin and a fair amount of sawdust with kitchen and garden scraps, shredded paper and woodchips to try and balance a bit. I think I read somewhere that grounds can be harmful to compost. Can anyone cast any light on this in practice please?

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    According to Hotbin website sawdust may not be so good as can block the movement of air especially in larger quantities. Coffee grounds are fine in hotbin. They are not recommended for mulching in fresh state ie with no composting due to caffeine levels.

    I have no lawn but collect leftover bread and cakes from a local cafe and these are good substitute for grass, just chop up a bit before adding, avoid anything with a lot of cream but everything else goes including icing and chocolate - gets temperatures into the green zone very quickly.