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Dog poo- yey or ney?

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  • Dog poo- yey or ney?

    Hi everyone,
    I know technically I can put my dogs poo in the hot in as long as I’m running hot, but does anyone do this? Is it stinky? My mum has freaked me out about worm eggs etc although again I know if the bin is running hot (I’m currently stable at 60 degrees) it should be fine.
    I think I just need some confidence in numbers!

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    I put some in first time round but latterly my bin got anaerobic and every single unidentifiable brown thing (and the Hotbin gets a lot of tea bags, toast crusts and banana skins) just made it unpleasant for me!
    also, I would say it changes the smell of the Hotbin from a lovely cabbagey fart smell to a.. faintly dog poo bin type smell. So I don’t think I will try it again until I’m more proficient in getting good batches!

    I have been asked for the viability of using it to compost toilet waste aboard a narrow boat!

    just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should is my learning!


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      I've composted dog and cat poo a few times - just whenever the neighbours' animals have pooped on the lawn - I've always made sure the bin was hot. There were no issues, but I don't have animals myself, so its not like its a regular occurrence.


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        Thanks guys! I think I’ll steer clear for a while… the normal compost smell is already prompting comments from my husbands; making it more unpleasant will not help!!!