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    We have had our composter for just over a week. It seems to be going well and is up to 120f. Can we add waste cat food? I can’t see any reason why not but it’s not allowed in our local authority kitchen waste collection. My experience of dogs is that they never leave anything hence this is cat-specific! Thanks.

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    Found this Alan which suggest ok re cat food once the composters hot...
    What waste are you composting? Some waste types breakdown faster than others and produce heat at different speeds.


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      Hi, our cat does sometimes leave cat food and we add it no problem. Like adding any meat, you want the temperature to be regularly around 60 degrees C or above. Too low and it won't kill the bacteria.


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        Agreed, have had our bin for around 8 months and in that time have added lots of cat food, our cat seems a little fussy and changes what it likes/doesn't like almost weekly...