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What volume of grass do you get through yours?

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  • What volume of grass do you get through yours?

    I have a moderate sized garden, but in spring and autumn I produce a lot of grass clippings (I use the Bosch Rotak 36V mower because I like no leads and no petrol, but sadly it is not a "mulching" mower so the wife prefers I don't leave clippings on the lawn as they end up indoors in short order.

    I've put 2 lawnmower hopper loads into the HotBin to start it. Added perhaps about 1 more bin to get the HotBin full (with other materials). We generate about 20l of kitchen waste a week, including a generous amount of shredded paper to add carbon.

    In summer I might produce 4 hoppers of grass every 2 weeks. In growing season with it's rained a lot, I can fill a council wheelie bin packed tight in one cut (or grass grows fast when it's watered and warm).

    My HotBin is running pretty hot (60-72C core varying) and the pile is dropping. But I am wondering if it's worth getting a second HotBin (nice but not cheap) - or whether, once the initial load has had a decent chance, it will manage to consume material at a good rate.

    So I wondered how many lawn mover hopper's worth per fortnight/month/whatever that you folks were getting your HotBin to consume?

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    A shame that no one else has contributed to this thread.

    I have only had my hotbin for 11 days, but in that time I must have added about 8 hoppers worth (I also have a Bosch 36 Rotak) and I still have a load left to add, but my hotbin is full to the brim today.

    So I will store the left overs and add it on Wednesday when (hopefully) the contents in the hotbin will have reduced and created some room.

    I have absolutely no idea what I'm going to do in winter when I don't have all this grass.


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      I did fine during last summer with a steady supply of grass but couldn't get a decent supply of material over the winter months. We don't produce too much in the way of kitchen waste to purely rely on that to keep the temperature up. Seems it is a fine line between adding the right amount of material to keep the temperature and not running of of room too quickly.


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        I've a small front and back garden and probably produce a full hopper of clippings each week. They are short lived in the composter.