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Can i store grass cuttings to compost later?

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  • Can i store grass cuttings to compost later?

    can i store grass cuttings to compost during the winter months/
    after removing compost should the space left be filled straight away

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    If grass cuttings are stored, they will begin to lose some of their nutritional value and will likely not generate the same level of heat as fresh grass cuttings would. Should you decide to store grass cuttings for later use, you may wish to mix some fresh material such as vegetable peelings in with the grass before adding them into the HOTBIN as the fresh waste should help the grass cuttings break down.

    With regards to your question on whether the space left should be filled straight away - can we confirm whether you are asking whether the material sitting directly above the compost you have removed should fill the space left behind straight away?


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      I wonder if there is any scope to make a kind of mini silage with grass cuttings? Perhaps someone more scientific than I would know whether this would retain the nutrients, work fine for the hot bin, and whether there would be any trick to it other than just sealing in bin bags?


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        Hi yorkshirepudding,

        If you were to make mini silage for the HOTBIN, it may hold on to its nutrient content marginally better in the longer term but it would dry out considerably, which would then make it much more difficult for the hot composting bacteria to digest and create heat from later on.