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Blocked air filter holes in the lid lowering temperature?

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  • Blocked air filter holes in the lid lowering temperature?

    I went to remove my filter-bag (see and found the slots below the filter-bag were all blocked with a crystalline deposit. In fact the filter-bag was 'glued' to the base of the biofilter unit. No air could have been getting through at all. Was this why the compost was not heating? I cleaned all the slits out with a knife. The situation is see from the photograph of the filter-bag. Didn't have camera with me when I found the situation

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    Restricted or no airflow will limit the temperature the HotBin is capable of producing. I had a similar problem as per your link. Although I still found the temperature steadily dropped once the new filter was fitted. As you can see from the link you provided my HotBin is achieving 60-65C without the filter. If your ratios are correct you should see a temperature increase within a few hours once airflow is restored.


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      Thanks guys! You have help me double temperatues on both therms.

      I took the black soggy bag out and now have a full head of steam from the vent on the lid.