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Tip for Winter Hot Composting

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  • Tip for Winter Hot Composting

    I realise this tip is totally weather dependant, however I thought I would share it with all you Hotbinners out there.

    Who says you can't mow the lawn in the middle of winter, NOT ME.

    So that's exactly what I did, thanks to an unusually mild December and some blustery conditions my lawn was dry and primed for mowing.

    If the weather permits and you need some extra material to keep you HOTBIN fed through the winter, get going with your mowing!

    How do you keep you HOTBIN fed throughout the winter months when garden waste is less plentiful?

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    I don't have much problem with finding things to put into the hotbin over winter, but most of it is browns or very coarse greens such as leaves, herbaceous perennial foliage, prunings and paper. I've found it very hard to keep the temperature much above 20-30 degrees with this, even with the hot water bottle. I've decided to take the less stressful route of treating my hotbin like a warm wormery over winter (the worms find their own way in and love it) and only try to keep it really hot when I have grass cuttings in the warmer months.