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Turning up the temperature

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  • Turning up the temperature

    Just a few general pointers which might help turn up the heat if your internal temperature is struggling to get above 30°C
    1. Add more waste
    2. Try adding waste 2 to 3 times a week rather than stockpiling and adding a large amount once a week.
    3. If you have just emptied or are considering a restart, add a thin layer of Twigy bits before you add any waste, this will prevent the holes in the base blocking and improve aeration.
    4. Next time you add in waste with your bulking agent and shredded paper give it all a really good stir and agitate your waste with the hooky rake thingy.
    5. Use shredded office paper or corrugated, not waxy magazine paper or or hard cardboards that don't absorb as well.
    6. Add some more easy to digest stuff (Andrew - Good thinking on the Chicken Manure) also try 10 litres of grass, nettles, comfrey.
    7. If you are still languishing under 20°c and if all else fails you could try empting 500 grams of cheap sugar on top of your pile (sends the bacteria into overdrive).

    Let me know if you have any success or any additional helpful pointers

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    You really are the man to listen to. I now have two bins mine and my neighbours humming away at 60 centigrade. I did the twiggy bit at the bottom. I mix half shredded paper(i even bought a paper shredder!!!) to the refuse and 10% wood chips. I mix either garden refuse or a mixture of food waste and garden refuse. Every once in a while I add pelleted chicken manure - a handful and like you suggested mix it up with the rake. Wow it is humming away! Definitely the way to go. I do chop everything up which sounds tedious but not much work when you adjust to it. Will remember the sugar trick if it gets really cool in the winter. Thanks so much. Caleb


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      I have had my hotbin since August, I had first lot of compost a few weeks ago, very good, I have been doing most of what you suggest, I will try adding sugar if needed. Looking forward to my next emptying. Not sure what will happen during the winter as I won't have as much waste. Thanks Polly


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          I started mine with old compost, chopped up kitchen waste (veg based only), 2 boxes of fresh grass clippings, shredder full of paper shreds, and some new and old chipped wood (the old stuff was 2 years old and been sitting on the ground). Added the hot water bottle. Had it at 72C core in about 3 days - I was quite impressed. Been adding material gently and the core temperature fluctuates a bit but is currently about 60-65C (in or just above the green segment).