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Do you dry tea leaves before composting?

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  • Do you dry tea leaves before composting?

    I have had a hotbin for a few years now and am generally happy with it. I persuaded my husband we should change to loose leaf tea to avoid adding plastic from tea bags into our compost. However the tea leaves seem too wet to add straight from the pot resulting in having unsightly piles of drying tea leaves next to the sink in the kitchen. My question is do we need to dry the tea leaves before adding to hotbin? If so, any suggestions on how to contain them while they dry out?

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    OMG is there really that much plastic in a teabag?


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        I add teabags - many brands dont have plastic. I squeeze teabags to remove some moisture and then cut them before adding to food waste - to help them breakdown. I judge the leave of overall moisture in any mix I am adding to bin and adjust paper/cardboard accordingly. I do sometimes find a bit of the bag in mulch quality compost but they do break down if they are paper.


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          Yes, I let the bags dry out - giving them a bit of a squeeze first to help out.