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Shredding soft green waste

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  • Shredding soft green waste

    Hello - can anybody advise on a good shredder/tool for cutting up soft green waste for the hot composter? I've tried a conventional wood shredder (great for twigs and branches, but the softer green waste tends to bunch up and just get stuck). Hacking it all into smaller bits is quite time consuming with secateurs. And running over it with a lawn mower can be a bit hit and miss. Any suggestions gratefully received.

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    I often just chop it up with a sharpened spade in a part of the garden it doesn't matter if I make a mess (under the cherry tree). But if there is a lot I do use the lawnmower. I had a Ryobi shredder, but I burnt it out and it turned soft waste into soup.


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      I have a Bosch cog type machine, I think the normal tactic is to mix softer stuff with some dry branches and twigs so the machine can bite in it and it keeps the mechanism clear, especially when you are finishing. Also that premixes the green and brown.