My sunflowers have grown so big, I have been getting half a litre of leachate a week which is fine as I am putting waste in with alot of water content. I have been watering it down and putting on my sunflowers. Just chopped the heads off to dry the seeds (everyone is asking for some) and the foliage and the stalks went into the hotbin. I chopped them down small, as some of the stalks were 4 inches wide (had to use a small axe on the bottom) Had to leave a couple of days in between as I only have the Mini bin but lots more leachate which is going on my garden. I have a Mini bin because there are two of us in the household, I still have to send the grass to the council but I have no food waste going to landfill. Will carry on over winter to see if I could of managed with a Mk2 with my food waste but 5kg twice a week is alot or may invest in another mini.