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Mushrooms in the Hotbin???

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  • Mushrooms in the Hotbin???

    Hello Folks.
    We are very new to composting with the Hotbin, and after having a lovely walk this morning, we were wondering if some of the many wild mushrooms we saw could be picked (safely of course) and added to the Hotbin.
    Any ideas? Thanks in anticipation.
    R and M

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    The above ground part of a mushroom is largely water and air. There is no reason not to pick them and add them to your HotBin. The temperature is likely to kill off the mushroom spores. Depending on the quantity you gather, I would add some shredded paper. However, I would imagine that even a very large collection would not add very much to your composted output. So, a lot of work, (bending and plucking) for a small result.


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      UPDATE: we have taken advantage of collecting a lot of fungus (much of it large) uprooted by horses in the countryside, each time we’ve had a walk. We have added to the hot in three times now, and each time the temperature rockets, so she seems to like them.

      nortonbeak - many thanks for your response


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        I am pleased you got a positive result We will al be going on mushroom hunts now :0


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          Where is the best place to find mushrooms?
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