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Maggots in Leachate

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  • Maggots in Leachate

    I started using my hot composter in July. When I emptied the leachate a couple of days ago there were maggots in the liquid. How do I avoid/stop this or is it normal?

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    I have that too - although the temperature of the top later is generally at 50 to 60 degrees C.


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      Likewise first load was cold and probably had some fly eggs in from caddy waiting for recycling van! Flies hatched but as the temp rose the maggots crawled up and out til there were none except those who ended up in the leachate.! Now perfectly clear and cooking at 60 degrees.


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        Occasionally flies can get in and you can get maggots, though they are usually drowned by the time the leachate is emptied. Tip your hotbin back and pour a little boiling water into the leachate drain, put the cap back on and straighten it back up.


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          Hi I have had a large number of hover fly (rat-tailed)maggots this late summer and autumn I just drain them out if still alive I think they are working their way down to the cooler zone