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Gluing in leachate draining cap

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  • Gluing in leachate draining cap

    I have noticed that the foam around my tap softens in the sun (my bin in full sun most of the day) the tap just moves around but when cool it is fine and works, so I decided to glue it in. After trialing different glues, watch out for solvent based ones (like superglue and UHU) found this woodglue we had in the shed worked well.
    Took the tap out (just pull out but make sure you have drained the leachate out first or messy as I found)
    dried the hole
    put the glue on the daisy shape on the inside
    pushed back to correct position
    left overnight and now perfect, can screw on and off with ease.

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    I have only had my Hotbin 1 month and already the tap is very loose. Should I glue it as above or would I be voiding my guarantee?


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      Hi I would go to the hotbin help and register your issue and ask the question will it void my guarantee?