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  • Mulch or compost

    On your YouTube channel you have a video called "is my homemade compost ready?".
    In the video you talk about either using the 30 day,, partially composted mulch or waiting a further month or two to achieve the fully composted result.
    What I'm not clear on is, can I remove the 30 day mulch and store it somewhere else for the next month or two to finish composting, or do I have to keep it in the hotbin? If it can be stored elsewhere while finishing off, what conditions should it be stored in? Hot, dark, moist, sealed in bags, open to the air or what?
    I have had my hotbin for almost a month now and am close to opening the hatch to see what I have. I have totally run out of room in the hotbin, so I am really hoping that I can remove some from the bottom to make room for more at the top.