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First batch - composted through winter

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  • First batch - composted through winter

    Harvested my first compost today. I’ve left it in the bin a long time. I’ve been struggling with temp all winter. I figured it might be because the bottom layer has been so compressed.

    I was pleasantly surprised. It is very wet and has a bit of a smell (a bit like a smelly pond). But it is fairly dark and there were very few identifiable bits left. There were some shoots in there though so clearly hasn’t been at high enough temp.

    does this look ok? I’m planning on digging it into the veg patch and keep fingers crossed for the next batch.

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    It looks a bit wet, hence the 'pond smell' but it looks well-rotted and should be fine for digging it into the garden or using as a mulch. If you need to make a finer compost lay it out on a sheet and let it dry a bit, it should lose the smell and break down into small particles as it dries.


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      Cheers. I’ve done just that - dug it into the garden. With more space and airflow the hotbin is now steaming away nicely again.