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  • Not impressed

    Just emptied our hotbin - the first time; so it had at least 6 months of 'stuff' in it.

    It was, effectively one solid mass of sewage.

    Yes, it's used for a lot of dog poop (3 canines worth), plus some kitchen waste and lots of paper/cardboard shreds and the bark.

    Has anyone had any success including dog poop in the bin - we've hovered around 20C for much of the time, even when ambient temps were in the mid-20s and also around zero - so some
    activity was maintained.

    It looks as though a very high proportion of paper is needed, or I find an interim that allows the poop to air dry before it's added.

    Any thoughts - it's otherwise been reasonable, except the lid keeps flipping in the wind - there ought to be a fastener of some kind perhaps?

    The hot water bottle is a bit awkward to use - I'd favour a metal prong to push in - either fill with boiling water or incorporate a solar powered heating element