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    Can spent potting compost or even old grow bags be used as bulking agent in the hot bin as long as its not too wet?

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    Hi Corby80,

    Thank you for your question.

    Unfortunately we would strongly advise against adding spent potting compost and the contents of old grow bags into the HOTBIN in general as these materials offer limitied nutritional value to the hot composting bacteria and as such do not facilitate the production of new heat. Due to the nature of these materials, they cannot be used as a form of bulking agent as they lack any form of rigid structure with which to create air pockets within the unit to help aerate the contents of your HOTBIN. Please be aware that if these materials are added into the HOTBIN in large quantities they can also have the adverse effect of restricting airflow within the HOTBIN unit and could potentially cause the contents of a HOTBIN to gradually turn anaerobic.

    Instead, HOTBIN Composting recommends using predominantly woody types of garden material as a bulking agent though as the more rigid structure of small twigs and harder stems are essential for creating and maintaining air pockets within the unit. Partially composted wood chips or bark would also work as a form of bulking agent. Please also be aware that the drier the woody material the better as this prevents excess moisture from entering the HOTBIN unit.

    We hope that this helps.