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  • Alternative bulking agent

    Hello, I am running out of my free bag of bulking agent. I have used shredded paper where compost as damp but wondered if there was an alternative bulking agent I could use to help with aeration?

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    Hi Lynn,

    As you mention, each HOTBIN is supplied with an initial 25 litre bag of bulking agent which should last on average 3 months. Going forward, once this supply has been used, you can purchase a larger 75 litre bag of bulking agent directly from HOTBIN Compost over the phone or via our website or an alternative bulking agent could be sourced locally from a local garden centre or a homemade version using shredded/chipped dry woody material from the garden could be made if users have access to a garden shredder.

    If you would like to purchase bark chippings from a local garden centre for use as the bulking agent that should be absolutely fine as long as the bagged shredded bark chippings are quite dry (this is another important factor to ensure that no excess moisture enters the HOTBIN) and has a range of different particle sizes.

    Please note that shredded bark purchased from a local garden centre or homemade bulking agent may take longer to break down in the HOTBIN than the bulking agent we supply and may still be visible in your end compost. Large pieces can however be removed and put back into the HOTBIN for reprocessing. The reason for the HOTBIN bulking agent breaking down quicker is that it is a partially composted woodchip and so has already started to undergo decomposition. As such, it continues to break down in the HOTBIN, before no longer being visible.

    We hope this helps.


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      Just checking my usage of bulk agent which I am getting through much quicker than suggested here.

      A 40l bin of grass clippings would need 8l of the bulking agent.

      So assuming 1 grass bin per week - the starter bag of 25 l would last 3 - 4 weeks at most? The post above suggest it would last 3 months. I am being too generous with the bulking agent?