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Are hedge trimmings green or brown waste ? - how do they affect the optimal mix ??

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  • Are hedge trimmings green or brown waste ? - how do they affect the optimal mix ??

    New to this game but HOTBIN is off and running well at 60 based on teh recommended mix of a caddy of softwaste, with 50% shredded paper/crad and 20% bulking agent (as supplied on delivery). Am due to cut hedges soon and am looking at different types of trimmings and wondering how I categorise them into the mix
    leaves = soft waste
    shredded twigs = bulking agent.
    DIfferent hedge trimmings probably have different leaf/ twig characteristics - ie Beech/ Hawthorn/ Pyrocantha - very twiggy; Holly - resinous leaves ? resistant to rotting, Elder/ Buddleia, Dogwood - very soft and leafy.
    assuming best to leave clippings our for a while for leaves to dry - or perhaps not ??

    Grateful for any thoughts on the matter from you more experienced experts out there . Ta

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    My limited experience tells me that you are judging all the elements you mention absolutely correctly. But there will also be dependence on the size of the pieces that you add.
    Do you have a shredder to reduce the size of your autumnal prunings?
    Surface area exposed to the composting bacteria assists in breaking it all down.


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      Thanks Nortonbeak - getting a shredder sometime in the next few weeks - should I shred the leaves as well as the branches - should i bung the leaves in green or leave them to dry out a bit first ?


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        I put everything in together. It helps mix the greens and browns, rather than have to do it manually later.
        Drying the prunings will depend on your choice. When I am only shredding a small amount, my shredder copes with fresh prunings. Otherwise, a bit of pre-drying does no harm.


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        Can cardboard be used instead of woodchip as bulking agent?
        Seems to me that shredded/torn Cardboard might serve as bulking agent. It is able to provide air pockets. Is this correct?