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Quick and easy ways to make cardboard hotbin ready?

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  • Quick and easy ways to make cardboard hotbin ready?

    I've just bought a hotbin and put my first mix in. I found tearing up the cardboard quite tedious and time-consuming, and found myself wondering a) how small I needed to be tearing it up, and b) whether anyone has any tips for being efficient at this. I did try putting it through my household paper shredder, but think if I did this too much I would shorten the life of the paper shredder. I'm intending to get a garden shredder and wonder whether that would manage cardboard or whether it would just clog it up. Anyone got any thoughts/ideas/experiences to share? Thank you!

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    HI. I have soaked the cardboard with a hose to make it easy to tear. Torn up the cardboard which is much easier and faster when wet and then let the cardboard dry out in the sun. Has anyone else tried this or is there a reason why this is not a good method. The cardboard is only added to the HotBin when totally dried out.