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    I gather this is how I introduce myself. I have long thought about the Hotbin and recently got money for a very large birthday so decided to invest. I have been composting for a very long time. I have a Wormery and 5 other bins. I am hoping to reduce this number now I have the Hottie. Oh, yes, and I have been a Master Composter for about 8 years.

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    Hello Anwanfar - thought I would just reply to your post and say hi. You sound like someone who knows a bit about composting and that you have been a keen composter for a long time! I found I still needed my 'cool' bins but everyone's circumstances are different of course. The temperatures yours has achieved sound impressive! Mine usually stays between 60 and 70 these days although in the early days, before I'd got the hang of it properly, it could go down a bit low. I found that I wasn't using enough shredded paper and ripped up cardboard so that seemed to affect the temperature adversely and also made a sticky, rather smelly mess when I came to empty some out. Good luck with yours anyway!


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      Just like anwalfer I an new to the site. I have 4 large compost bins but thought a hottie would be good for kitchen waste. Fingers crossed.


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        Having had the Hotbin for about a year, I am using the normal wooden composters to let the output condition further before using it, and also to recover woody material that can go back in as bulking agent.