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Securing the HOTBIN Cam Straps

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  • Securing the HOTBIN Cam Straps

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    The two green straps issued with every HOTBIN are a means of providing extra security to the hatch panel.

    If you don’t empty your HOTBIN as regularly as we suggest (at least once every 6 months) the material behind the door can become very dense and compact. This can cause a build-up of weight against the inside of the hatch. Whilst the hatch is held tightly in place using its own pop lock, using the straps around the HOTBIN hatch will prevent any movement ensuring no heat is lost.

    The easiest way we have found to fasten the straps is to Lasso your HOTBIN, Yee Haa Cowboy / Cowgirl (No not literally).
    1. Place the end of the strap through the buckle
    2. Drop the loop down over and around the HOTBIN
    3. Pinch the buckle and pull the end of the strap tight

    That's all there is to it, let us know if you have any other question about the HOTBIN accessories.

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    One of my straps has broken I think due to ultra violet light. I have replaced it with a car roof strap made of something stronger I hope.


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      The HOTBIN cam straps are coated in UV resistant material to ensure that they do not degrade over time with exposure to direct sunlight. Occassionally, a cam strap can break but replacements can be purchased from HOTBIN Composting.
      HOTBIN compost bins are 32 times faster than cold composting bins and works all year long to provide you with nutrient rich compost in just 90 days.


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        The cam straps can be a bit fiddly to align and tighten. This idea using some old plastic cable covers may help.
        Glue the segments to the sides just to hold the strap ends in the right place. It is much easier to tighten up this way.


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          I bought additional coloured straps. They were rainbow for pride month but now they are neon 😁