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Protecting bin from damage?

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  • strawberry
    I expect most adhesives backed materials would come away over time due to exposure to the elements. I think the best protection is to find a location that is tucked away so that you are not going near it with garden tools etc. In terms of the insides of bin being damaged by turning material and digging stuff out from the bottom, I use the stirring stick for both purposes and have not damaged the interior, after 6 months of use, I would avoid using anything sharp to dig out compost.

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  • Plectronius O’Seaweed
    started a topic Protecting bin from damage?

    Protecting bin from damage?

    Obviously the expanded plastic Hotbin material is a bit soft and vulnerable to damage from tools, especially when turning the contents or digging out the compost. So I was thinking about using some sort of self-adhesive sheet to cover it and maybe make it look a bit better. Real carbon fibre sheet would be a bit OTT, but normal “sticky-back plastic” wouldn’t really be tough enough. I have seen some metallic-look “checker plate” film in a discount chain, -the sort used to line drawers and shelves with. That would be cost effective but not sure if it would be that weatherproof. -Also then it might look like a small nuclear reactor. (“Hinckley Hotbin D?”) I guess waterproof Duck Tape might be another option. Any other good ideas??