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How to stop a leaking door?

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  • How to stop a leaking door?

    I have had all sorts of trouble getting my Hotbin working and was having trouble with liquid leaking out of the bottom of the door; I thought this was due to the contents being too wet, which was also why it wasn't working. I almost gave up but have now got it up to temperature (between 40 and 70 degrees) so think I must have a better moisture balance but there is still liquid leaking from the bottom of the door. Is this normal? The pictures I have seen don't show anything like this other people only mention it leaking out of the grill at the bottom.

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    Hi Duffy, Does your HotBin have a drain at the bottom, sealed with a blue cap? My Mark2 version produces around 2 pints of leachate a week, so I drain it from the cap every time I feed the HotBin, having been advised by the HotBin Helpline to do this. Before I sought their advice I drained it only every 3 or 4 weeks, with the result I was always getting liquid leaking out from the bottom.

    If you don't have a drain, see for suggestions about capturing the leachate