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  • Leachate drainage tap


    as I’ve seen from a couple of photos, and the lady on the phone suggested has been asked a few times, I’d love to be able to swap out the cap for a tap. It’s not that easy to get something under the cap to drain the leachate without getting it everywhere, and a tap would make this so much easier. It was suggested someone has done just that and posted on the forums about it, but I can only find the details of the guy gluing in the standard cap. If anyone knows of a suitable way to fit a tap, so please lets me know! Thanks

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    Same here - had mine about a month and I’m loving it, but find the “tap” to be sorely lacking in the design. I’m getting a lot of leachate- if I leave it a couple of days without draining it, it’s leaking through the vent. So taking off the cap is a messy affair, and I also find collecting the leachate tricky.

    I want to know what size thread the adapter has so I can figure out how to attach a tap. HotBin can you advise please?

    I have a plan. If it works I will share here!


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      Here goes.

      1. I picked up this spigot from Wickes for about £1.70 - it is a 40mm / 1 1/2 inch dishwasher nozzle

      2. The thread on the HotBin cap is wider than the thread on the white dishwasher nozzle

      3. The nozzle is too wide at the narrow end, but I noticed the threaded section and figured it might be compatible with a tap end hose fitting I’d picked up at Wilko for 99p

      4. Using a hacksaw, I removed the narrow end of the nozzle, leaving the threaded section at the end.

      5. Then by removing the grey adapter from the hose fitting I was relieved when the hose connector screwed perfectly onto the shortened nozzle.


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        6. I wasn’t expecting the white collar from the nozzle pack to be compatible with the male thread on the HotBin outlet - so I measured the aperture - about 26 mm

        7. Went down to the allotment with my drill and a 25 mm flat drill bit

        8. Sure enough, the white collar didn’t fit in the outlet, so I drillled out the face of the blue cap that came with the bin

        9. The wide end of the white nozzle is a tiny fraction narrower than the outlet - shame it wasn’t slightly wider so it would butt up but with some PTFE tape on it I managed to make it a bit more snug. Then by slipping over the drilled out blue cap I was able to secure it all in place.

        10. Next I needed to add a valve so I could control the flow. And I also needed to use a couple of hose ends that I had, but again these are available at Wilko and similar for about a quid a pop. And a short section of hose.


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          The valve was the spare I had from a recent project when I bought a pair off Amazon for £7.98

          FULAIERGD 2 Pcs 16mm 2 Way Garden Hose Quick Connector with Shut Off Valve (2-Way 16mm)


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            So I have added the latest tap instead of the longer hose version. It is a little longer than I’d like and I’m not sure how long it will last, given it is cobbled together from this and that, but it works.

            I would love to see something better designed and made being offered by HotBin. I will even offer to test it 😉

            #tap #leachate #cap