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  • Remote temperature logging

    My Hotbin is located at the far end of my garden, 50 metres from the house, and I built a battery powered remote temperature probe which sends the current core temperature via the house WiFi every 2 hours. It is logged in a database running on a Raspberry Pi in the house and can be viewed as a graph as in the image attached. This shows the last 7 days of temperature which have been consistently above 60 degrees.

    The raspberry Pi isn’t essential as there are free databases available online that do the same job.

    The cost of the probe and electronics is about £30

    Click image for larger version

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    This is genius. I’ve heard of someone using a blue tooth thermometer but this is the ticket. My step done would be well into this! (Got no idea myself!)


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      This is just what I was trying to work out how to do! Any chance you could share some details on the hardware and software? Many thanks