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Don't Do What I Just Did With The Internal Thermometer!

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  • Don't Do What I Just Did With The Internal Thermometer!

    Thought I'd have learned a lesson after accidentally burying the internal thermometer not once, twice, but three times with new composting material; but alas: NO! 😳
    Just had to order a replacement thermometer so I can most likely do the exact same thing yet again! 🙄

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    Hi Dottylu, I have attached a very thin long piece of garden wire around the post of the internal thermometer and tuck it in the corner where the bin lid closes. It is so thin that it does not mark or damage the bin in anyway. Because of my retrieval method I have only ever buried my thermometer once - before attaching the wire! 👍


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      Hi Minky3, Thanks for the advice regarding garden wire attachment. I shall endeavour to look after the replacement thermometer when it arrives! All the best, Dottylu.


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        I hadn't thought about leaving the thermometer in all the time. I just put mine in when I want an accurate temperature reading. As long as the top thermometer is in the green zone I don't worry too much


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          Editing a comment
          Hi Helen B,

          I've just found this on the HOTBIN Blog & didn't realise that the thermometer isn't supposed to stay in all the time!
          Oh well, you learn something new every day!



          Using the Internal Thermometer

          For an accurate internal measurement, simply place the thermometer into the hottest most active layer of waste, typically the top 5-10cm. Try not to leave the thermometer in the HOTBIN as its easy to forget about it when adding waste - you’ll soon find it buried!

          When you are ready to take an internal measurement simply lift the lid of the HOTBIN, pop the thermometer in and shut the lid. Leave the thermometer inside for at least a minute to ensure an accurate reading before removing.

          Take care not to leave the lid open for long as this will let out the heat and if you are stuck for somewhere to store the thermometer, why not pop it inside the cam strap on the side of the HOTBIN?