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  • Bin temperature

    My bin is currently operating at 125 degrees, anything i put in is covered with hairy mould in 2 days, and steams like anything, nothing rots, just goes mouldy, the compost at door level is really sloppy, any advice?

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    If the temperature is around 50°C and you are seeing steam, then something must be happening, i.e. what you have put into your bin is happily composting away. Wouldn't worry about the mold growing on the top - it's a fungus - develops at the top of my bin occasionally - all part of the composting process. I find that the outer inch or two of the compost at the bottom can be wet but drier towards the centre of the bin. I was putting this down to condensation running down the side of the bin and some may have come from some water I applied via a hand sprayer when I was adding dry materials. Good luck with your bin.


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      Compost behind the door will be moist but shouldn't be sloppy or smell bad. Mould is a normal part of the composting process so no concerns there.