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cold weather crash!

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  • cold weather crash!

    My hotbin had been perking along nicely at around 60 deg c for a couple of months. The night before last the temperature in the garden fell to minus 10 - today my bin is zero degs - it is still minus 5 here, at midday! Is there any point in attempting to restart it - or should I wait for warmer weather?

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    Hi lynb,

    A couple of questions for you:

    You mention your HOTBIN is now 0°C - has this temperature reading been taken using the lid thermometer or the internal one?

    When was the last time you 'fed' your HOTBIN?


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      Yes, that was the internal temperature. I had fed the bin just the day before the big freeze, when it was perking along at just below 60 degs, steaming nicely. I added the usual mix. Today the poor thing is stone cold, and looks as dead as a doornail! The bin is fairly full, wonder if I just need to empty and start again? It is slightly warmer today, 5 degs!!! Roll on spring.......


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        Thanks for this. Have you taken any material out of your HOTBIN at all since starting your HOTBIN?


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          Yes, I got a nice batch of compost earlier about September time.


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            It sounds as though the material in the lower levels of your HOTBIN could be becoming quite compacted under the increasing weight of the newer material and as a result is beginning to restrict airflow within the unit.

            Can we ask whether you would be able to harvest some material from your HOTBIN and either store it in preparation of using it or put it directly to use in the garden?

            This should, along with a 'feed' of some fresh waste, bulking agent and shredded paper, help to raise your HOTBIN's internal temperature once again.


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              I'll harvest some of the material, but at the moment we are a bit snowed in!