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Wireless temperature probe for easy readings

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  • Wireless temperature probe for easy readings

    Here is an easy way to monitor internal temperature readings using a wireless probe. These bbq meat probes are sold on ebay for only £10, but work very well over a range of 20 metres. I placed the transmitter within a takeaway container and stuck it in place with velcro.
    The probe can be left inside the Hotbin and you can constantly monitor the temperature from your kitchen. This avoids opening the lid too often, and gives a very good idea of what is happening within the top hot layer. The lid thermometer is useful, but may be widely different from the internal temperature, so you cant really rely on that reading.
    Click image for larger version

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    That is a great idea.


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      New to Hotbin, got it going a couple of days ago. Really liked mwh's idea of the wireless probe, went ahead and got one with dual probes, inside and out temps.

      Works a treat, many thanks for the idea.

      Click image for larger version

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        Love it Mannxy, keep up the good work.

        If you are into your social media at all you could follow us and share the image on the HOTBIN twitter or Instagram, links below.

        Please could you also share the details of the probe, just incase anyone else would like to purchase one.


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          You may find that your readings become erratic or look plain wrong after some days of use. This is because moisture has seeped into the probe affecting its conductivity.
          First, dry out the probe in your oven at 150c for 1 hour.
          When cool, apply a generous glob of Gorilla glue to the top of the probe where the wire enters. Looks messy but now it works well as this glue is impermeable to water.


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            I made my own that logs the results into a database and can then show a graph of temperature over time. I posted about it here

            Here is the graph

            Click image for larger version

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