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  • EnlightenedElm
    Hi Lemumbo,

    It usually does take some time for a newly started HOTBIN unit to get up to temperature as both the unit and the new material added will have been cool. Can we ask how full your HOTBIN is at the moment and what the current internal temperature is when the long stemmed thermometer is inserted into the top 5-10cm of waste?

    With regards to the leachate being expelled from your HOTBIN, it is quite common for there to be some leachate leaving your HOTBIN. We would not expect any more than an espresso cup worth of leachate to be leaving the HOTBIN each week - anymore than this suggests that the contents of the unit are a little too wet and slightly more paper and/or torn cardboard is needed to help balance the internal moisture content. Please be assured that this leachate should not emit any odour and is highly unlikely to attract any unwanted visitors to the unit. You can by all means collect the leachate using a shallow tray and can use it in the garden without diluting it.

    We look forward to hearing from you.

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  • Lemumbo
    started a topic New member

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    Hi, I bought my Hotbin via the Hampton Court Flower Show and set it up 5 days ago, I think I did everything correctly but the temperature spends more time below the green section than on it. The internal temperature is slightly hotter. We did introduce the hot bottle after leaving the bin closed for 2 days after setting it up. We have used a good amount of paper, but today I noticed a dark liquid dripping out of the bottom filter onto the flagstone on which the Hotbin is standing. I am concerned that it will attract vermin so apart from adding more paper, is there anything else I should do? I will use the hose to clean around the Hotbin later tonight - I wondered if I should put a small container under the filter to collect the fluid - and then use it when watering the garden. Any ideas would be very helpful as I am terrified of R***s!!