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    Bought a Hotbin recently off Gumtree and although initial temperature rose for both internal and external temperature it couldn't be maintained. I fed the bin with kitchen scraps, chopped garden waste ( 90ft garden) and anything compostable. It wasnt until i went on this forumnyesterday i read about the carbon filter in the lid. I carefully removed the module with the thermometer and inside was a soggy black bag. Bag removed and module reinserted last night and today i have doubled the temperature. I can see steam escaping from the lid vent now. I think thats why the previous person sold it. I guess over time the steam makes the bag soggy and eventually blocks airflow.

    Quite happy to post pics to help others.
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    Yeah, share some photos please! Also, what's the outside temperature?


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      Some time has elapsed since your post, Devon. I wonder whether you could explain how you removed the carbon filter. I have had a great (mucky) time with my hotbin for almost 3 years but this winter am struggling to get over 30 degrees and want to try the filter removal. Can you explain how to do it. I cant get the unit out of the lid without the lid flapping open all the time.. Appreciated.


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        Hi guys.

        It is very rare for the bio-filter to be the underlying cause of temperature problems in the HOTBIN units. Please be aware that the bio-filters are not designed to be removed by the end user and that they should outlive the life expectancy of the HOTBIN units. If the filters are removed, they do unfortunately cause the manufacturer's guarantee to become void.

        If you are having difficulties with the HOTBIN's internal temperature and would like some help, please contact the HOTBIN team either by freephone (0808 168 8499 - open Monday - Friday, 09.00 - 17.00) or by email (he[email protected]) and we will be more than happy to help.


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          Reading the original post it looks like Devon HB has actually removed (rather than just cleaned and replaced) the bio-filter. EnlightenedElm's post is a little bit ambiguous ... does "If the filters are removed, they do unfortunately ..." mean if you remove the filter completely or does it mean if you remove it, clean it and replace it (if cleaning is even possible!)?

          Q1: Is their role simply to control odour or do they have another vital role?
          Q2: Do you sell replacement filter units for those (rare it seems) occasions when a filter gets clogged?

          An aside - I'm getting the hang of my new HotBin ... as someone whose been 'normal' composting on a fairly large scale for decades ... I'm loving it!!


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            HOTBIN Composting strongly advises that the bio-filters are not removed from the HOTBIN units for any reason. They are an integrated part within the lid and are not designed to be removed by the customer unless expressly recommended to do so following discussion with a member of the HOTBIN Team.

            The bio-filters play a vital role in the hot composting process, neutralising odours that are produced before they leave the unit. Their integration helps to minimise the unit's attraction to animals in the garden by removing any detectable odours, making the HOTBIN less likely to sustain animal damage.

            The bio-filter will always be very wet as water vapour will continuously pass through it, so it does not need to be removed to dry out at any point. Furthermore, the bio-filters do not require any maintenance or cleaning. For the vast majority of customers, they will not need to be replaced either.

            DaveK - you ask about whether we sell replacement bio-filters in case the original gets clogged - the composition of the bio-filters is such that they cannot get clogged.

            We hope that this helps.