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Am I Composting at the Right Temperature (Celsius or Fahrenheit)?

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  • dougal
    Last year I often reached 60deg C., but this year, even in hottish weather and with grass cuttings newly added (usually guaranteed to boost the temp) I have hardly got above 50deg. I have no idea why this is, as I have used the same sort of compost mix.

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  • Mungusthefogeyman
    Thanks. Clarifies that readings are on the lid thermometer, not in an inserted thermometer. Means I have never made the grade, even in height of summer.

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  • Am I Composting at the Right Temperature (Celsius or Fahrenheit)?


    We often get phone calls from concerned customers "Help my HOTBIN is at 100 degrees, eeek is it going to self-combust."

    After a little bit more digging though it nearly always turns out to be 100 degrees Fahrenheit. This is perfectly normal and only just the start of the hot temperatures you are aiming for. Its very easily done and especially seeing as most of HOTBIN's marketing material refers to hot composting temperatures in degrees Celsius.

    So to clarify once and for all the hot composting temperatures you are aiming for are:

    40 to 60°C (degrees Celsius on the inner ring of the thermometer)

    104 to 140°F (degrees Fahrenheit on the outer ring of the thermometer)

    Why not share an image of your HOTBIN's thermometer Hot or Cold and tell us how you achieved that temperature?