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HotBin hot , no leachate

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  • HotBin hot , no leachate

    My hotbin is at 40 degrees , has been hotter . But no leachate at the moment . I did get plenty of leachate when starting my hotbin . But it has dried up . Any ideas please

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    You shouldn't be getting a lot of leachate if your mix is close to perfect, but you should get some. Your mix might be too dry. Try adding in more green material.


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      I drew off half a pint of leachate today. I’m not bragging because I know that is too much. My hotbin has been at 60 degrees for a few weeks now, in fact this morning it hit 65 degrees. I think I may need to add more shredded cardboard and shredded paper.


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        Have look at Youtube videos by Beanie Composter - one about month ago which is precisely about this issue. I cant work it out but wonder if hot weather (live in Southeast) is one cause as I had lots in Spring but have had none for last 2 months but bin constantly in green zone temperature.


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          If there is too much does that mean the composter is too wet and more paper should be added please? I get about half a pint twice a week. Thanks


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            I would not worry too much about volume of leachate, as long as its not really smelly it should be fine, if your bin is in green zone temperature then it is working OK. My bin produces very variable amounts, sometimes nothing for a few weeks with no obvious reason.