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  • Help restarting Hotbin

    Please could someone offer some advice on how to get my hotbin restarted.

    We recently bought a Hotbin and seemed to successfully get it started with temperatures in the green zone and a healthy smell of cabbages. It was about half full and I added a load of grass clippings which virtually filled the bin. I mixed in paper and bulking agent but the hotbin did not get back up to temperature. I have tried mixing the contents some more, adding easily digestible waste but it still will not get up to temperature. I thought at one point it had restarted when temperatures got up to just below the green zone but it failed to get any higher. When I investigated it appeared that some of the grass towards the top was composting but lower down in the hotbin it was colder. Any suggestions as to why the hotbin stopped and how to restart it would be greatly received.

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    Have you tried the Kickstart hot bottle that should have come with the bin? What temp is the green zone? not all thermometers are the same - mine only has a red zone. Was it the external thermometer or internal? Too much grass can form a carpet like layer that blocks air flow and in my experience adding too much volume of anything can cool the contents down for a few days. If your mix is too wet it won't get up to proper temperature due to lack of air flow and if its too dry it will also struggle. I've used half a kettle of boiling water to get mine going when I had too much dry material.