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  • Bulging front panel

    Hi folks so I was regularly feeding my HotBin and getting temps up to 50 degrees Celsius. In the last couple of weeks the front panel has started to bulge and the temp has dropped to at a steady 30 degrees Celsius even after adding and mixing additional cardboard, and chicken manure pellets . There is also liquid leaking from the air vent every now and then. I started my bin on 20th February. Could it be time to open and empty if the compost has compacted down and is inhibiting air flow. Any thoughts would be appreciated . Take care all. Michael

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    May be worth emptying your first batch of compost as it is almost three months since you kicked off. However, don't set your expectations too high. Remember that at the base of the composter, the material will not have been subject to the elevated temperatures higher up and that all of the moisture proceeding downwards will have passed through this material.


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      Yes, if your front panel is starting to bulge, it probably needs emptied to relieve some of the pressure and create better airflow. A bulging panel also catches more rain water which can lead to a soggy mess at the bottom. Sometimes rather than empty it I use a corkscrew compost aerator to loosen it up and the temperature rises again.