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  • Frustrated from Warwick

    I've been using the Bin since August 2020. I thought everything was going along nicely. Keeping up the temperature, paper, cardboard and bulking gets to the hopefully correct ratios.
    But..... After tinkering and removing some of the compost, its still to wet (In my opinion) I can squeeze it into a ball and it'll hold shape. No water is squeezing out though. Its not "crumbly"

    Whats the best option for me, do I empty the bin and try and dry out the compost or are my ratios of paper and cardboard wrong?

    Any advice is appreciated.

    Thank you

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    I don't know that I can offer much advice, but everyone I know that has the Hotbin suffers this same problem, myself included. I've yet to see anyone open a Hotbin and produce a beautiful spongey crumbling peat-like compost as the promotional material would suggest. I've had mine for over 2 years now running almost non stop and i've put just about everything you can imagine into it. Even if you watch YouTube videos where the compost looks half-decent, its obvious that its been sitting in the bin and cooled down for quite some time, likely given plenty of time to drain, and no fresh leachate migrating down from the active compost above.

    You could try experimenting and adding a little more cardboard or other dry material such as well-shredded leaves. I put my own wet compost into one of the standard cold composters and leave it until I need it. It drains better in contact with the ground and I find can be sieved and does eventually produce a nice final product. I know that kind of defeats the purpose of anyone wanting faster compost.

    I've watched and read a lot of material on composting in general and there is one thing I seen repeated several times. If you can squeeze it into a ball and it holds it shape and no water is coming out, it could be a high humus content that is doing that, which means its very good quality compost even if it isn't nice and crumbly.