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HotBin frustration!

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    I've been using the Bin since August 2020. I thought everything was going along nicely. Keeping up the temperature, paper, cardboard and bulking gets to the hopefully correct ratios.
    But..... After tinkering and removing some of the compost, its still to wet (In my opinion) I can squeeze it into a ball and it'll hold shape. No water is squeezing out though. Its not "crumbly"

    Whats the best option for me, do I empty the bin and try and dry out the compost or are my ratios of paper and cardboard wrong?

    Any advice is appreciated.

    Thank you.


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      Hello Barberman

      I started this thread with the same frustration as you and despite the advice from other hot bin users I haven’t had any success with it. I’ve cleaned it out several times, put more shredded card in, more dry stuff, more wet stuff, more bulking agent, raked it, used the kickstart bottle .... the list goes on. Unlike a normal composter it seems to require a LOT more attention to what and how much goes in the bin. I gave up with it through the winter. I’ve set it up now the weather has improved and fingers crossed it works. Knowing what I know now I wouldn’t have bought it, I’ve wasted so much time trying to get it going. But it was too expensive to give up on now! Best of luck.