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    My use for the Hotbin was primarily to compost dog waste - 3 border collies - some poop from cats.

    I used the bark, and did everything as described in the literature, kitchen waste goes in too.

    The first batch, probably after 8 months, was a disaster. Temperature throughout the time rarely exceeded 20C - even when ambient temperatures were higher.
    The batch was a solid lump of sewage! At least the nearby trees had a mulch, though smelly for a few days.

    The current (second) batch, very much more successful! I am now using small (1/2-1") pieces of broken polystyrene from packaging. Temperatures rarely below 30C, generally within the green zone, occasionally higher.
    I've gotten into the habit of occasionally pumping the lid up and down, like a bellows - maybe 3-4 inches. As I have grass around the base, I can check the air flow is maintained through the heap
    as it is drawn through the lower vent and around the hatch, whilst forcing air through and into the waste.

    The lid seems to attract small black flies, and hence birds who are pecking at the poly construction and removing odd cells - especially around the thermometer housing.

    I need a second bin to allow one to cure and mature.