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Help please! Hatch Bulging outwards!

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  • Help please! Hatch Bulging outwards!

    Hi everyone! Hope you are all well. Quickish question.. the awesome Hotbin has been in place since the beginning of March and has been holding at good heat. Suddenly the access hatch has started to bulge outwards. There is about 30cm of space to the stop of the bin and is having a regular supply of mixed material.The temp has dropped a little, I have added the hot bottle for a boost. The cam straps cannot go any tighter. Why would this of happened and what should I do? It’s been going for 3 months so I guess the first lot of compost could be ready? Should I empty and restart? Advice would be much appreciated. Thank you!

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    I know this is two months late but I had a similar situation. I figured out that the compost was ready and should be harvested.
    The temperature drop appears to be due to the ready compost restricting airflow upward and I’ve now taken that as a sign that I need to empty the lower compartment