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  • Blocked ventilation

    I have had a HotBin Mk1 for several years and have just emptied it. It had about a year of kitchen waste; food prep waste not wasted food. It has worked well over the years but suffers from the problem of blocked ventilation. It stands on very compacted soil so there is no way that the leachate can escape. This time it will be slightly off the ground. I also want to increase ventilation I will leave out the charcoal filter as suggested here. I have also seen a modification using perforated pipe in one corner of the bin. Is that still available from HotBin? If not, I will make my own. Is it worth making a new ventilation hole at the back opposite to the mesh covered hole at the front?

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    Hi Col,

    Your post has prompted me to look under my bin for the first time since I got it about 30 months ago.

    Purely by chance, I think I may have positioned it on the perfect surface, namely pea gravel. I have 2' wide borders of pea gravel at stages around my house and upon looking under the bin this morning there is 40/60 soil matter and pea gravel on the surface and around a score of worms emerging through the gravel. So, the leachate has been draining into the ground via the pea gravel and perhaps that's what attracts the worms. The gravel also allows air into the bottom of the bin.

    On first emptying my bin a couple of years ago and on every subsequent emptying, I have been astonished to see the compost in the bottom absolutely teeming with worms. I would be interested to know if other hot composters have had the same experience.

    My question is, if you elevate the bin from the ground, would you inhibit the entry of these most beneficial creatures to your bin?

    Best regards