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Fascinating - take out that bag of charcoal

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  • Fascinating - take out that bag of charcoal

    I've had my hotbin for longer than I care to remember and it's been a love hate relationship. It's had a mix of foof waste, grass clippings, shredded paper and bulking agent (wood chip to you and me) and other than the times it has had grass clippings it struggled to get to a good temperature. As a consequence the stuff that came out the bottom was not perfectly composted and was always wet.
    But reading this forum today I see people saying that taking out the charcoal bag helped (I didn't even know it had one!). Well not only was my charcoal bag sopping wet the bag had splot. So I scaped it all out and left it to dry (though god only knows how I would ever get it back in.
    Three hours later the temperature has jumped 15 degrees without any extra material being put in and when I lift the lid steam gushes out, which I guess means drier compost.
    I see dire warnings about the death of warranty, but it seems to me it works awhole lot better without it!

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    And two days later it is steaming away, the external thermometer says 55 degrees (the internal one broke some time ago) - it's a complete transformation by doing something so simple. And no noticeable odours