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How much can I compost in a week

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  • How much can I compost in a week

    My hotbin is nearly full now, I know it goes down a bit after a couple of days, just wondering how often others feed their bins & how much. I have a family & 2 allotments, so quite a bit of waste!

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    Hi - I only have one allotment so won't have as much waste as you will have - however I do have grass clippings (from home). I tend to feed my bin every couple of days - I keep a trug handy and put stuff in there as and when it comes along, so that I usually have a fair amount to go in each time. But I have found if I put too much in in one go, it can go anaerobic, not rot down very well, and go a bit smelly!


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      Hi - and yes my hot bin gets full, so revert to my plastic cold bin - what I do however is mix paper and bulking agent as advised and the decomposition is accelarated - when my hot bin has space I just add in - seems to work so far


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        I would like to know as well how much food waste can this solution handle. How large of a household would it be?