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Not quite getting it right!

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  • Not quite getting it right!

    I started my hotbin mini in June 2022. It just didn't get to temperature at all. In late autumn we needed to relocate it. Once I'd emptied it I took the opportunity to mix the contents with lots more bulking agent, shredded paper and torn cardboard. I relaid twigs at the bottom and refilled the bin.
    Since then the bin stays at hot composting temperature as long as I add at least 5 litres of waste twice a week. Otherwise it loses temperature quickly.
    I have emptied some compost from it once and bagged it but I would class it as mulch rather than compost.
    I only add kitchen waste, rather than garden waste.
    I have just come home from holiday so the hotbin has not had anything added for 3 weeks. I thought that I'd take the opportunity to harvest some compost.
    I'm disappointed to find that it is still a very rough mulch rather than compost.
    It is quite wet despite my opening the leachate collection system weekly.
    There is little to no odour.
    Nothing in the compost is recognisable except for the bulking agent.
    What can I do to improve the compost that I'm getting from my bin?
    Do I need to improve the air flow through? How can I clear the drain/air holes at the bottom of the bin? They don't appear blocked.
    Thank you for all advice!