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Can I put my hot bin in the garage

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  • Can I put my hot bin in the garage

    This might seem like a strange question but can I put my hot bin in my garage?

    I am re-doing my garden and currently running out of space. So I would like to move my hot bin into the garage temporary until the garden is complete in about 6-12 months. Or maybe even permanent if there is any benefit from it.

    Is this possible? Will it work well? Am I at risk of getting insects and rats in the garage if I do this?


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    I asked this when I got mine and was told it was not a good idea. As far as I remember this was because of the leachate that comes out of the grille at the front. I'm not sure about it attracting insects or rats - it might, and you may find that it makes the garage smell a bit of cabbage.


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      To be honest I don't mind the garage smelling a little. In that case I may be able to raise the hot bin and collect the liquid when it comes out?
      I might email the question to the hot bin team and see what they come back with. Otherwise I think I will have to put the hot bin out of use for a year.


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        This is what the guys said at hot bin help - A difficult one because there is the risk of damp, to explain composting releases large volumes of water - up to 4 litres per typical 5 litre of waste added every 3-4 days. About 50% of this is remove as steam - so 1-2 kettles full a week. This could result in damp issues. Additionally there is a small chance of leachate might leak to the floor if the bin becomes anaerobic.


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          I am actually still thinking about giving it a go. But keep an eye on it. I literally can not keep it in the garden for the next 12 month or so as in doing a full revamp and wouldn't fancy moving all the time. If I don't do this then I will put the hot bit out of action until the garden is complete.


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            Have now decided against this and have moved other things in to the garage so that o can keep the hot bin going this year.


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              That's interesting - thanks for posting their response. I had not considered the possibility of damp, but thinking about the amount of steam that sometimes comes out when I open the lid, that is a good point.


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                I never thought about it either. But I'm going to make the space to keep it going as I love the hot Bon so much lol